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MPSTOR is a supplier of storage array systems, providing solutions to OEMs and to data centers who are seeking a flexible, scalable and resilient platform on which to build a storage, public cloud or private cloud service.

MPSTOR’s core expertise is in software defined storage, which provides the service consumer with invisible, programmable and automated storage infrastructure, creating the perception of infinite flexibility in terms of scale and quality of service.

MPSTOR’s engineers have storage in their DNA, many having over twenty years of software and hardware storage design experience. We pride ourselves in providing reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-support software products and we work closely with our OEM and system integrator partners to deliver full turnkey solutions.



OrkestraTM – SAM (Storage Array Management): Orkestra SAM OSA-F60 and OSA-Fx60 are all flash high availability storage arrays for todays “disaggregated data centers” who use high performance storage to drive business advantage and profits. The OSA-F60 and OSA-Fx60 provide the highest performance over a range of metrics including cost per IOPS, IOPS per rack U space and IOPS per watts.

High Performance: The OSA-F60 and OSA-Fx60’s 2U high level of performance supports faster, even real time analytics, allowing new decision-making power and business opportunities. This increases competitive advantage by speeding up time-to-market for data-driven businesses and providing better, faster service to users.

High Efficiency: The SSD cost is the dominant cost in all-flash-arrays, optimising the SSD performance in terms of IOPS/disk, form factor and power provides the greatest return of investment and business benefit to the end-user. The optimised OSA-F60 and OSA-Fx60 allow data-centers to scale the number of end-users who can enjoy the benefits of low latency optimised storage.

Advanced Volume services: There are many workloads in the data-center, some may be suitable for compression and de-duplication. Both the OSA-F60 and OSA-Fx60 allow storage to be flexibily provisioned and when required with de-duplication and compression.

Most data-center applications are multi-tenant configurations, without proper control badly behaved applications can impact negatively on high priority critical applications. The OSA-F60 and OSA-Fx60 has per volume IO and BW throttle controls.




latest news

September 2017 - MPSTOR assigned Software Defined Storage patent.

September 2017 - MPSTOR releases its OSA-Fx60 5M IOPS All Flash Storage Array.



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