The OSA-Fx60 is an all-flash, high availability storage array for todays “disaggregated data centers” using high performance storage to drive business advantage and profits. The OSA-Fx60 provides the high performance and high density over a range of metrics including cost per IOPS, IOPS per rack U space and IOPS per watts. The OSA-Fx60 supports Windows, RHEL, and Linux operating systems.




High Performance


The OSA-Fx60’s 2U high level of performance allows real time inter page processing and data analytics. This capability allows software decision-making power to create and develop business opportunities. The OSA-Fx60 increases competitive advantage by speeding up time-to-market for data-driven businesses and providing better, faster service to users. The OSA-Fx60 is a 60 drive 2U all-flash storage array supporting Fibre Channel and iSCSI hosts.


High Efficiency


The SSD cost is the dominant cost in all-flash arrays, optimising the SSD performance in terms of IOPS/disk, form factor and power provides the greatest return of investment and business benefit to the end-user. The optimised OSA-Fx60 allows data-centers to scale the number end-users who can enjoy the benefits of low latency optimised storage.

The OSA-Fx60 has best of breed leading metrics including;

          ○ TB/U (up to 480TB/U)
          ○ IOPS/U (2.5M 4K IOPS/U, up to
             5M 4K Random IOPS/U in a 2U format)

          ○ IOPS/Disk (116K user IOPS/Disk)
          ○ IOPS/watt (3500 IOPS/watt)



Advanced Volume Services 



There are many workloads in the datacenter, some may be suitable for compression and de-duplication. The OSA-Fx60 allows storage to be flexibility provisioned when required with de-duplication and compression. Most datacenter applications are multi-tenant configurations and without proper control badly behaved applications can impact negatively on high priority, critical applications. The OSA-Fx60 supports 60 1.5TB disks for approximately 1PB of storage. The OSA-Fx60 supports expansion storage with a JBOD expansion option.

The OSA-Fx60 supports a number of storage services including;

          ○ In-line data compression
          ○ In-line de-duplication
          ○ IOPS & BW control
          ○ Volume resizing


CLI Toolkit for Automation


        The OSA-Fx60 CLI toolkit provides a set of python tools that allows a datacenter administrator to automate all storage array configuration and monitoring steps.



High Availability


           The OSA-Fx60 is a dual controller no single point of failure storage array. The OSA-Fx60 provides continued access to storage volumes under many failure conditions such as switch failure, cable failure, disk failures and controller failure.





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latest news

September 2017 - MPSTOR assigned Software Defined Storage patent.

September 2017 - MPSTOR releases its OSA-Fx60 5M IOPS All Flash Storage Array.



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